Mike De Luca
Email: | Phone: 848-932-3474


Diane Adams
Larval ecology, individual and community responses to environmental change
Assistant Professor, Department of Marine and Coastal Sciences
Email: | Phone: 848-932-3279

V. Monica Bricelj
Shellfish/benthos ecophysiology, adaptations to harmful algae, Aquaculture
Research Professor, Department of Marine and Coastal Sciences
Email: | Phone: 848-932-9709

David Bushek
Director & Associate Professor
Shellfish ecology and pathology
Email: | Phone: 856-785-0074, ext. 4327

Eleanor Bochenek
Director Fisheries Cooperative Center
Recreational and commercial fisheries, fisheries management
Email: | Phone: 609-898-0928, ext. 12

Ximing Guo 
Shellfish, genetics and breeding
Email: | Phone: 856-785-0074 ext. 4324

Daphne Munroe
Assistant Professor
Ecology of marine larvae and coastal Populations dynamics
Email: | Phone 856-785-0074, ext. 4325

James Simon

Qing-li Wu

Research and Technical Staff

Sarah Borsetti
Laboratory Technician
Email:| Phone: (856) 785-0074, ext. 4334

Iris Burt
Laboratory Technician
Aquaculture, Bivalve parasitology
Email: | Phone: 856-785-0074

Lisa Ragone Calvo
Aquaculture Extension Program Coordinator
Community-based oyster restoration
Email: | Phone: 856-785-0074, ext. 4302

Gregory DeBrosse
Director, Cape Shore Laboratory and Manager, New Jersey Aquaculture Innovation Center
Aquaculture, shellfish breeding, systems technology
Email: | Phone: 609-463-0633

Jessica Horton
Laboratory Technician
Email: | Phone: 856-785-0074, ext. 4328

David Jones
Laboratory Researcher II and AIC Operations Manager
Hatchery operations, systems technology
Email: | Phone: 609-884-3139

Sean Martin
Laboratory Technician
Aquaculture Innovation Center
Phone: 609-884-3139

Matthew Neuman
Laboratory Assistant
Hatchery production, aquaculture
Email: | Phone: 609-884-3139

Devon Shoemaker
Aquaculture Innovation Center
Phone: 609-884-3139

Sean Towers
Algal Culture Technician
Email: | Phone: 609-884-3139

Patty Woodruff
Laboratory Technician
Email: | Phone: 856-85-0074, ext. 4305

Graduate Students

Michael Johnson
NSF IGERT Biofuels Fellow, and Johnson & Johnson, Sustainable Products Academic Fellow

Thomas Villani

Amanda Wenczel
Graduate Student
Marine ecology and natural resources policy/management
Email: | Phone: 856-785-0074, ext. 4332

Aquaculture Innovation Center