Flume Room

Flume Poster.
  • Three annular (ring-shaped) flumes are available for use
  • Research applications of annular flumes
  • Ideal for long-term experiments and mesocosm studies on the effects of biological and chemical processes and sediment transport or distribution studies
  • Continuous treatment area
  • Flow driven by rotation of top plate. Counter-rotation of bottom reduces cross-channel circulation. Flow speeds up to 70 cm sec-1 have been achieved in mid-water column
  • Flow direction is reversible to mimic tidal direction changes
  • Volume of the flume with 20-cm water depth is 700 liters. Maximum water depth is 40 cm.
  • Two acrylic side panels facilitate access to water column to sample or monitor experiments
  • Temperature control (chilling) through titanium plate on the top of the water surface using a portable chiller
  • Constructed of seawater resistant materials. Bottom is PVC, sidewalls are optical quality glass, top plate is PVC and titanium

Aquaculture Innovation Center