Michael P. De Luca
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Thomas Grothues
Associate Research Professor
Physical factors that determine the abundance and distribution of marine organisms
Email: | Phone 609-296-5260 x262

Why do you enjoy working at the AIC?
   I am interested in the physical factors that determine the abundance and distribution of marine organisms. Many mobile species have startlingly different larval and adult stages with different ways and paths of movement and with ecological niches as different as between caterpillars and butterflies. Physical factors act on these stages in very different ways. One of the ways to study movement is through the use of electronic tracking devices. I like working at the AIC becasue the tanks are large enough for experiments on how to best tag and track horseshoe crabs, especially small juveniles, which molt and shed external tags. This information would help with an understanding of how aquaculture practices could benefit struggling horseshoe crab populations.


Ximing Guo 
Shellfish genetics and breeding
Email: | Phone: (856) 391-7654
Why do you enjoy working at the AIC?
   The AIC is a state-of-art facility for shellfish production and research. It has intermediate salinity that is suitable for the variety of marine organisms. It is an ideal place to develop new varieties and technologies for aquaculture.


Daphne Munroe
Assistant Research Professor
Ecology of marine larvae and coastal Populations dynamics
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James Simon
Director, New Use Agriculture and Natural Plant Products Program
Natural products from microalgae


Qing-li Wu
Associate Research Professor
Natural products from microalgae


Research and Technical Staff

Lisa Ragone Calvo
Aquaculture Extension Program Coordinator
Community-based oyster restoration
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David Jones
AIC Operations Manager / Laboratory Researcher II
Hatchery facilities and operations, shellfish culture
Email: | Phone: 609-884-3139


Joshua Kiernan
Algal Culture Manager
Algal production
Email: | Phone: 609-884-3139
Why do you enjoy working at the AIC?
   I enjoy the open, fun and welcoming environment that my fellow staff create at the AIC.


Sean Towers
Research Coordinator / Laboratory Researcher III
Microalgae culture, research coordination, photo-bioreactor technology, algal-based nutraceutial development
Email: | Phone: 609-884-3139
Why do you enjoy working at the AIC?
   It is exciting and fulfilling to work at a facility that bridges the gap between research and true-scale, “real-world” application. The ability to see the work we do translate into building a local, sustainable, and eco-friendly aquaculture industry gives me great joy. The staff, students, and seasonal technicians working here are all extremely talented individuals and all care deeply about the work we do. Everyone is actively doing their own small part to ensure a healthier and more sustainable world moving forward.

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